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Welcome to the Villans Page. This page will feature the villans from the Sly Series! Enjoy!


Villans from Sly 3..

Don Octavio

Don was an opera singer who planned to ruin the town of Venice. As a child he was a real popular kid among others, and highy known for his singing talents in opera. However, soon the style of musi changed, so no longer was Don popular. Instead he planed to bring his talents of opera to Venice. Secretly, he was developing black tar into the water, polluting the city, and planning to destroy the place. After a while, the cops including Carmelita caught up to him and he was jailed after a fight with Murray.


Mask of Dark Earth

One of the most weridest, and mysterious villans in Sly is the Mask of Dark Earth. As an anicient artifact, this mask was capable of possesing one's mind and transforming them into a stronger, more powerful person. As seen in level 2 of Sly 3, the mask possesed Carmelita and made her 10 times larger than before. Whenever someone is possesed with the mask, the only way to be freed is for someone strong to tear it off, leading it to a new destination in mid air. No matter how much the possesed person wants to be freed, the mask controls their attitude and actions, which can lead to danger and caos.



The Black Baron

As seen at the end of level 3 in Sly 3, the Black Baron was really a disquise for Penolope to get into the ACES tournament, a tournament of plane battles. Penolope was to young to enter, so she made a disquise to look older to get in. It was successful. The Black Baron was very successful in the ACES as she waswinner year after year with a very powerful biplane that was unstoppable. Eventually, she lost the trophy when Sly entered the event and defeated her biplane and herself in a fight. After losing the fight, Penolope took off the disquise and confessed her secret to Sly. Later after an agreement and tour, she decided to take her talents to the Cooper Gang where she served as a RC combat expert.








General Tsao

A chicken with a mind set on the future, General Tsao planned to marry the Panda King's daughter, Jing King, knowing that wasn't her desire. Agaisnt all odds, he captured Jing King, and forced her to marry him, to continue the line of his beloved ancestors. When the Cooper Gang arrived in China to save Jing King, Tsao, aware of their presense, stole their computer, ThiefNet, leaving them hopeless. However, with a fight with Sly, he lost and escaped, leaving the ThiefNet with Sly. Later, with the help of Carmelita, they tricked Tsao into marrying her instead of Jing King, leaving Tsao to jail and Jing King free.





    Dr.M is one of most unexpected villans we know. Once a member of the sucessful Cooper Clan with Sly's dad Connor Cooper, Dr.M thought of himself as a useless sidekick. Even though he was rich and rewarded, Dr.M planned to betray the Cooper Clan. With much knowledge on the Cooper line, he tracked down the Cooper Vault, a vault of valuables and money stolen by the past Coopers, at Kaine island. Developing much weapons, machinery, and secruity, Dr.M was still unsuccesful at getting inside the vault. Little did he know, only a Cooper's cane could open it. With a showdown with Sly in the last level in Sly 3, Sly managed to defeat Dr.M, right before Carmelita entered the vault through a window,(which apparently wasn't visable to Dr.M). Before his fall, he fired one last shot at Carmelita which would of been fatal if Sly didn't take it for her. Left alone in the crashing vault, Dr.M wouldn't leave, he spended his whole life trying to open the vault, and wasn't gonna leave it behind. He could of escaped with the Cooper gang but declined and died right there, we assume.