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                                         Sly 4: Thieves in Time

Finally, we have recovered news on the fourth game in the Sly series, Sly 4: Thieves in Time. This page is dedicated to Sly 4 and will feature plots, photos, videos, and any news I have intercepted! Feel free to explore Sly 4:Thieves In Time!

                                              Sly 4 Storyline

  As you witnessed in Sly 3, Bentley, Penelope, and Murray were abandoned by Sly Cooper as he has tooken a break from thieving to be with his cursh, Carmelita. He figures that his whole life was devoted to thieiving so he wanted to explore the world with a job or heist that would put his life in jeapordy. Left off from Sly 3, Bentley and his gang, have set up a Safehouse to build a new Cooper vault, as the original one, had crashed and collapsed at the ending of Sly and Dr.M's fight. he also became the first non-Cooper to write in the Thievious Raccoonus. Meanwhile, Murray figured it was best to finish his training with Guru and then fulfill his dream of becoming a professional race car driver, still staying intact wtih Bentley and Penelope. During thier rebuilding process, pages from the Thievious Raccoonus dissapear, one after another. Before long, the book itself, is lost in time. Bentley must reassemble the real Cooper Gang to find the book and fulfill Sly's legacy......



                       Sly in Sly4                                                                          


El Jeffe

El Jeffe is the villan in which Sly appears to be fighting in the Sly 4 gameplay. Whether he is a desendent of Rajan, we don't know, but it is however, a possible statement....


                                          No worries!

As you have seen, Sly has had a change to his face and clothes. His face appears to be browner and chubbier. His clothes have a brighter belt and a darker blue sweatshirt. Sly appears to look plain and bright. His cane also looks brighter. So let's see, Sly with less detail...... is completly normal at this point. You can't expect Sly to look all detailed and cool within a couple weeks with the new company, Sanzaru. How about we give them time to create the Sly we all know and love. After all, no company likes to be pressured by millions of fans, the second they post thier gameplay.......

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