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Below are walkthroughs for the games. Basically, I go step by step, what goes on in each game in case you can't buy the games or don't want to play the games yourself! *WARNING* Dont read these walkthroughs if you want to find out how the games go yourself, since many spoilers will be here. 

Sly and the Thievious Racoonus

 Once, when Sly's parents were tragically killed by the deadly gang, the Fiendish Five, each of them stole a page from the book, The Thievious Racoonus. Sly was part of a thieving line of people who only stole from crimnals. Each family member wrote a technique down fro the next generation in thieving. Sly was brought to an orphange where he met his future gang members, Bentley and Murray. They planned to steal back each page that was stolen in order to forfill Sly's dream of becoming an expert thief to contuine his family legacy. So they traveled to Sir Raleigh's hideout where he wanted to steal the first page of the book. They needed to steal 7 keys to unlock a cannon to launch Sly up to Raleigh's hideout, in a blimp. Each key was hidden in a long obstacle type course with heavy secruity. After getting all keys, Sly was launched up to their destination, Sir Raleigh's hideout. After an arguement, Sly won a fight to steal back the page Sir raleigh stole. Thier next destination was a casino in Mesa City, where Muggshot was hiding out with the next page to be stolen.

(to be continued in the evening, June 23, 2011) 

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

 No! Unfortuatley, Clockwerk's parts were found in the volcano Sly "killed" him in. However, a group called the KLAWW Gang, has captured the parts, and disturbuted them among the five members. The leader, Arpeggio, plans to re-assemble Clockwerk so Arpeggio and the new Clockwerk can combine forces to give Arpeggio the wings to fly, that he never had. Growing up, Arpeggio, was never able to fly, so he made the KLAWW Gang to conquer his dream. Each member of the KLAWW Gang has tooken a part and is using it for illegal crimes such as hypnosses and illegal spice making. The Cooper Gang travels to Paris, where they meet their first criminal, Dimitri. He is using the Clockwerk feathers for illegal money printing. Bentley "bugs" the office with a painting equipped with a video recoreder, hearing everything Dimirti says and plans to do. Sly and Murray dissable many alarms around the nightlub where Dimitri hides, so their grand heist, Operation ThunderBeak, will come easier. Sly pickpokets many guards, stealing keys to a truck with a long grapple cord. With a secruity free nightclub, the Cooper Gang brings the truck to the front of the club, thorws up the grapple cord to Sly,( whose waiting at the beak of the club), successfully bringing down the entrance, making a hole for Sly to enter through. Sly makes his way to Dimitri's crib and trys to make peace, only to satrt a figt in which Sly is crowned victorious. Sly escapes just in time to have Dimitri arrested by Carmelita.

The gang then ventures to Rajan's hiding spot where he holds possesion of the Clockwerk wings, which are on display on a statue. Thye spot Carmelita at the guest party, allowing Sly and the gang an oppurtunity to steal a dance with her, giving Murray a chance to climb down and grab the wings while the audience is distracted. Sly must bring a tuxedo in oreder to enter the party. So Sly ramsacks the guest house to steal the attire needed. Sly then comes to the party in disquise(still a raccoon), and asks for a dance from Inspector Fox. Carmeltita accepts and they dance the night away while Murray is harnessed to a rope and dropped on the staute to collect the Clockwerk wings. It is almost a success, until Rajan heres a noise coming from behind to spot Murray. they must try the pplan again. Murray uses a turret to bomb all helicopter secruity along the sky. After doing so, Sly manages to get another dance, in which Murray successfully grasps the wings as they head out where they chase Rajan to the jungle where he hides. They learn he has taken control of the Clockwerk heart. The gang uses spiced fruit to lead Rajan into a short sleep, where Bentley collects the bluprints to the Clockwerk heart's function and job: grinding illegal spices. Using help from Neyla, they get a Cherry bomb 500, which destorys the spice grinder.They use a helicopter to demolish a dam containg a ton of water which overflows Rajan's hideout, luring him to an empty pool where Murray and Rajan faceoff. Eventually, Murray wins, but is arrested by Neyla, who betrayed InterPol and the Cooper Gang.

Murray and Sly ( who is unconsious from a strike from Rajan's staff), are taken to Contessa's hideout where she plans to use hypnosses to controls their minds to get them to reveal where they hidden their loot. Bentley however, is alone in a SafeHouse trying to find out a way to free Sly and Murray, as he stays loyal to his childhood friends. Finally, Bentley has a plan. He figues out, that if he can hack into the six train systems, h can reverse the train's polarity, sending the train soaring off the track to where Sly is kept. After doing so, Sly is freed, which leaves Murray to be saved. They plan to get Murray to kill so many gurads, the guards will be forced to take him to solitary confinement. There, Bentley and Sly actually will have a chance to free him.  


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