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Welcome to our contest page! This page will give you all the infornmation you need on when and what the contests are. This page will also give you updates on the contestants's results and what they send in to be judged. Hope you find it useful!

New Gadget Contest on June 30!!!!!

Yay! Our first contest will occur on June 30. Yes, it has been postponed until this date! Ever wished you could have another gadget to help you on a level? Well then this contest is for you! For 6 hours yal'l will be able to submit a move and will be required to tell about it. The way to send in your move is to SEND A MESSAGE to my profile with the subject NG Contest ( NG stands for New Gadget). I will then post ur move below here where everyone will c and I'll also post the rankings after the 3rd hour passes. There's a catch though: You may only submit a maximum of 3 moves to me, if you send more, your disqualified, (sorry It just will miore organized). The contest will last from 12:00 am est until 6:00 pm est. SEE BELOW THIS FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS! and guess what? WHOEVER WINS gets their name,gadget and info about gadget posted up on the HOME PAGE!!!!!!!!!

What- A contest on a new invented gadget by you.

When- June 30 from 11:00 am est till 6:00 pm est

Where- On this site

How- Just send a message to my profile(AJ) and I'll post it under here

Why- To see how creative you can get

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