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          This page will give you all the information needed on the Cooper Gang characters( the ones currently serving) and thier backgrounds!


A young kid from the beginning, Sly was born into a line of thieves who only stole from criminals. One day, a violent gang called the Fiendish Five, broke into the home of Sly and his parents, taking valuable possiesions such as the Thievious Raccoonus,(a book of thiefing techniques), and killing Sly's parents.Sly was then forced into an orphange where he met his future buds Bentley and Murray. After a while, the three formed a bond and gang to steal back the Thievious Raccoonus. Sly is the leader of the gang and the "performer"  for the gang. He's the guy that goes in to steal loot, fight off guards, and get past secrutiy traps. Without Sly, the gang couldn't get past most missions since all include traps and places only sly's athletic ability can get past. As part of the Cooper family, Sly has valuable skills and thiefing techniques that enable hime to do many un-humanlike things.Sly is currently on a mission with Inspector Carmelita Fox. 




Bentley can be classified as the thinker and the brains of the gang. He figures out how to hack into computes and sites to recieve data. He helps Sly get past traps by finding their weak point. Bentley also helps track down where to go next to retrieve clues on where and how to get inside the Cooper Vault. Without Bentley, there'yd be no gang because Sly wouldn't know what to do at all. With a gifted mind, a mission with Bentley is never impossible! It is unknown what happened to Bentley's parents. Some believe after Bentley has hatched, his parents left him abandoned... Bentley is currently working on the new Cooper Vault with his girlfriend Penolope.



Murray, the brawns and fighter in the gang. With huge muscles and tremendous force, Murray is an unstoppable hippo! Get in his way and you'll be his pancake for breakfast, start an arguement and you'll see stars in your head. This hippo has so much power, nothing can stand in his way. Murray is the fighter in the gang who defeats foes too strong and powerful for Sly. Without this kid, the gang would be like a sitting duck. When he was a little hippo, his dad died in a racecar accident which sent Murray to the orphange. This leads up to think this is why he's so good at driving. Murray is currently a succesful racecar driver and is always hanging out with his best friends Bentley and Penolope. 



Penolope's career in the Cooper Gang started when she refused to join and posed as the Black Baron in Holland in level 3 of Sly 3.When she loses to a fight with Sly, she confesses who she really is and what drove her to be the Baron. She was to young to participate in the Biplane duels, so she made up a disquise to get in and also be the leader of the events, in which she was very successful in.A new addition to the team , Penolope serves as the team's RC expert in using RC automobiles and planes to eliminate guards,secruity, and blockades.Armed with bombs and other weapons, Penolope's machinery are more dangerous than what meets the eye.Without her skills, much of the sercurity would have been much harder to get past. She now remains intact with the gang as she is Bentley's girlfriend and is currently working on the new Cooper Vault.



 Dimitri's thiefing carrer first jumpstarted when he joining the KLAWW gang and began his duties there in making money from printers and working with illegal spices. In their first fight in Paris, Sly managed to meet up with Dimitri to make peace, leading to a brawl in which Sly won, leaving Dimitri alone until Carmelita picked him up for jail. A year later in Venice, Sly and the gang needed a frog man for a heist. So, they went to the jail in which Dimitri was kept to free him. They agreed that if Sly could rescue Dimitri's dad's stolen swim gear, he'd commit to the gang. After retrieving his swimgear, Dimitri set off to a diving company in which he got many girls.


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