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From Bentley- June 5

Posted by EliteThief99 on June 6, 2011 at 12:02 AM

As you may of witnessed , Sly disappeared with Carmelita after a fight with Dr.M . Sadly , he seemed to lost his memory. When Murray, Penolope, and I escaped the crushed vault; we searched for hours for him but he was no where to be seen. Out only option was to sit and wait. We found an abandoned cave which had to do for now. We then noticed sly's fane off to the side which stated he didn't want to be found . We realized it was his time to take a break from the intense life in thieving he had, and he deserved it. By it, was a load of money and valuables sly saved from the falling vault. We took it on, hoping to store it in a new vault, more secure than ever. As we left the cave the next morning, we took a trip to the city in San Fransisco,and found a surprising discovery. Apparently, Sly and Carmelita had rented a hotel to stay in after the crazy last days. With my binnocucom, I zoomed in on their balcony to spot them dancing. The crazy raccoon gave me a wink. I'm such an idiot. Of course, Sly faked his amnesia to get Carmelita. Real bad, but smart. Something I couldn't do. Well, I decided it was best to leave them alone. If he wanted us, he'd come out and find us. So, we decided to go about our ways. Dimitri took a scuba diving job and has the girls all over him. Panda King moved in next door to his daughter, who has not found her match, yet. The Guru and Murray finished their training, with the Guru taking new clients in New York City and Murray becoming a professional race car driver near us. Luckily, we all remain intact as we still party it up every holiday. Meanwhile, Penolope and I are still going strong in our sweet relationship. As we enjoy our free lives, Penolope and I built a stronger Cooper Vault for all Sly saved from the previous one.


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Reply penguinsofmadagascar418
11:13 PM on February 17, 2013 
How long has it been since someone has been on this site? It dosnt seem like any one has been on recently.
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6:54 AM on February 18, 2017 
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