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From Sly-June 1, 2011

Posted by EliteThief99 on June 1, 2011 at 5:20 PM

As you saw a couple years ago, I took that shot for Carmelita. Hey, she is what makes my job fun, ok? You know what I'm gonna confess, I'm in love with her. When I took the shot, she came over, more worried than ever. I thought this would be the best time to fake amnesia, who knows, mabye she'd fall for it. It was better than my life in prison, that's for sure. And what'd you know she went for it. She grabbed me and we ran out of the wrecked vault. It was hard turning away from my friends I've known for years, but I've decided to take a vacation from thieving and explore the world with the girl of my dreams.Sadly, as I looked for the gang, they were nowhere to be found. I wanted to explain why I planned to leave for a while, but I was hopeless., they were gone. I managed to save much of the gold and valuables from the vault and so I hided it by a cave, with a caling card, so if they ever found it, they could take care of my family's possesions. When Carmelita and I arrived at a hotel, we relaxed in the lobby where we sat down and talked about ourselves. However, I couldn't take it anymore, I confessed that my amnesia was fake. I told her all about why I was a thief and my family and the gang. She just kept her mouth shut and listened, patiently. I then admitted I was in love with her and how I always wanted to tell her that, but never found the right time. When I stopped, It was an akward scilence. She then ended it by giving me a huge bear hug. I guess she realized I was a good guy and cared for her. She then too confessed and told me something that really surprised me.....

To be continued....


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Reply zak
5:42 PM on June 1, 2011 
i dont think sly would tell carm straight away- what about that after credit scene in sly 3? how does that fit in with your story
Reply EliteThief99
5:43 PM on June 1, 2011 
ya im gonna add that, it'll be the next blog entry, the next blog entry will b for bentley

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