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About Sly!

This page will give you all the background you need to know about the Sly series!Enjoy!

                                               How it started....

If you didnt know, Sly is part of a family of thieves, from generation to generation.When Sly was young, his parents were attacked and killed by a group called The Fiendish Five. The group also stole the Thievious Racconus, a book containing the tricks in thiefing. According to a man named McSweeney, the book and loot stoled are hidden in a vault, that can only be opened by a Cooper family member. So Sly was sent to a foster home where he met his two future best buds, Bentley and Murray. Together they formed a loving bond and then decided they were going to set out and find the vault to view Sly's family fortune. However, the gang must go through many traps and missions if they ever want a shot at getting inside the vault! Play the game to see if you can find the vault and forfill Sly's dream.... 


                                           About each game!!!!!

               This will tell you about each game's plot and goals!!!!!

Sly 1

Sly 1: The Thievious Raccoonus, is about the Cooper Gang's search for the missing pages in the Thievious Raccoonus, a book containing all the moves,techniques and strageties in thiefing that each past Cooper has laid down for the next generation. The Fiendish Five are the bosses Sly much defeat  to collect the missing pages. This terrible group includes Mz.Ruby, Sir Raliegh, Muggshot,Panda king, and the most powerful villan, Clockwerk!

Sly 2

Sly 2: After the defeat of Clockwerk, a skilled gang called the Klaww gang, collected the parts of Clockwerk in the volcano where he was defeated by Sly. The leader of the Klaww gang, Arpeggio, had the mindset to assemble Clockwerk once again, to give Arpeggio the wings to fly that he never had. Each of the parts have been passed to different vilans around the globe, that help with illegal missions, such as serving illegal spices and printing money. The goal is to defeat all members of the Klaww gang to retrieve the parts and stop Clockwerk from growing and killing Sly!

Sly 3

Sly 3: Well it's come down to this moment. Bentley's mastermind has tracked dwon the Cooper Vault in Kaine Island where a madman, Dr.M is working on entering the impermeable vault. After years of preperation, the Cooper Gang is ready to get past the heavy guarded island and into the vault. The goal is to defeat the bosses before Dr.M to be prepared for the heist in getting insie the Cooper Vault. 

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