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Welcome to The Cooper Vault Of Thieves!!! This site will inform you on the Sly Cooper Franchise News,games,characters, and will allow you to stay close and share your ideas on our discussion page!  Those who have comments,questions, or thoughts can be heard here. There are blog entrys from the Cooper Gang, contests, and more to entertain you! Hope you enjoy this new Cooper Gang fansite!



Sly 4 Gameplay Released!!!!!!- June 19, 2011

Great news! New, Sly 4 gameplay has been released from Sanzaru! The gameplay features Sly, the thief, engaging in a boss battle with a tiger known as El Jeffe. I have pointed out some important things I noticed:

1. Sly has had a major change in his face where he looks brown and has chubby cheeks. His sweatshirt has also lost its detail and has become just plain dark blue with a yellow belt intead of the usual blue one.

2. You have the abiltity to use Sly's ancetor's power-ups, such as the ability to withstand fiire.

3. The power-up bar has dissapeared from the life bar.

Well, I know many of you will be angry at Sanzaru for changing Sly's look, but we have to give them time to make the game. Good games take time to develop, and they put that video up in a couple weeks. Maybe, In a short time period, they'll have a new, edited video showing their progress. I will see what news awaits on the Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time game! I have posted the link to the Sly 4 Gameplay below:

Sly 4 news at E3!!!!- June 6, 2011

As I promised, I revieved some very exciting news from the SuckerPunch website. Turns out, SuckerPunch has passed the Sly franchise to the Sanzaru company!!! SuckerPunch has been dealing with the inFamous series and was too busy to continue the Sly series. So, they decided it was best to say goodbye to Sly and give him to Sanzaru! Fortunatly, this will start someone new and creative. Just think, what could Sanzaru do with Sly. As we wait for the surprises sure to come, we have an official date in which Sly 4: Thieves In Time, will be released:early 2012. Yep thats right, 2012, a little far from here, huh? Well, you know that an awesome game takes a while to develop! Well, enough said, here is the URL for the Sly 4: Thieves in Time trailer!:



New Members in the Vault of Theives - May 30, 2011

As our site is just developing, new members are coming across, which is exciting! :) However, If possible, we'd like all members to have a profile picture of a character or villan displayed throughout the Sly series. Sorry for the enconvience! 

Sly 4? - May 5, 2011

There's been a lot of buzz about there being a new Sly game in the series, however all the evidence we have is a 30 second trailer showing a raccoon, hiding in the bushes, near a flashlight guard... Suspense? Of course! I'll try and keep you updated on any news I retrieve! 

Sly 3 Collection!!!!!!- May 3, 2011

Horray! The Sly series is coming to the PS3!!!! This game will feature all three games with HD and much better graphics! At only $29.99, this is the game you can't miss! With the Playstation Move you can venture through some mini games added in ,too! 


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